She whimpered softly, tear tracks staining her face. “I’m sorry,” she whispered, choking on her tears. Her apology was ignored, her Master merely finishing his preparations before at last turning to her and wordlessly holding out their straight jacket.

Hanging her head, she willingly held out her arms and allowed herself to be fastened in. She’d been bad and deserved punishment and she knew it - she wasn’t allowed to masturbate or come without permission, and yet she had done both, after weeks and week of denial. She’d begged on her knees for forgiveness and Master had offered her this punishment to make her good again.

Once everything was buckled, he picked up the ball gag and buckled that into place too, filling her mouth and muffling her sounds. He guided her to kneel over the still sybian, both of them knowing the machine wouldn’t be quiet and stationary for much longer.

She was trembling as he secured her legs to the machine, clipping her jacket to the front and back, forcing her parted vaginal lips down snug on the vibrator.

"I know you’re sorry, pet," he said softly at last. "Show me how good you can be, earn your forgiveness." When she nodded eagerly, tears overflowing, he kissed her head for encouragement before turning the dials, the vibrations on high, the speed set to slowly increase the maximum.

He sat impassively and watched as her body was wracked with pleasure they both knew she didn’t deserve, watched her eyes become dazed, listened to her panting, watched her try and fail to squirm…

She moaned into her gag as her clit was mercilessly stimulated, the noise muffled and mixed with the sound of the steady whir of the machine. She cried out sharply, body arching, as she was catapulted over the edge and orgasmed, her wet dripping down the sybian, moaning and staring at Master with fresh tears as the machine continued on, relentlessly giving her pleasure.

He watched the second orgasm rip through her, followed close by the third and fourth, watched sobs wrack her body, watched her desperation to get away grow.

Her body was on fire, pleasure turning to pain, clit red and swollen and throbbing and aching and it didn’t stop, just kept going, her muscles trembling uselessly, crying and begging around her gag, drooling on herself, struggling against her bonds, eyes becoming unfocused, please make it stop, I’ll be good, please!

He flicked the knob up another speed, satisfied with the change in pitch in her whines. “Only one hour to go, pet,” he smiled, leaning back in his seat to enjoy her punishment, ready to be there to forgive her the moment she’d broken - and not a second before.